Dota Auto Chess clone appeared in Google Play Market (this time the Chinese have nothing to do with it)

The popularity of Dota Auto Chess does not give much rest. Following the Chinese, a clone of “custom” was created by developers from Novosibirsk.

Reddit users noticed that a Dota Auto Chess clone appeared on the Google Play Market. She even has a similar name, only the words “Dota” do not exist, just like the characters from “Dota” themselves.

But the Chinese clone Dota Auto Chess.

It should immediately be said that it is unlikely that the developers of the mobile game will have any problems. The creators of Dota Auto Chess, in fact, do not have rights to their offspring, since the “custom” was created within Dota 2. However, this is unlikely to upset them greatly, because online in Dota Auto Chess continues to hold at 150 thousand people .